MongoDB Spain

Hello everyone and welcome to MongoDB Spain .

As the first post of this publication, I would make a brief introduction to who we are and where we are going .

MongoDB Spain born as an initiative of a group of Spanish engineers passionate about the new range of possibilities and the new concept adopted by MongoDB.

This publication / community will talk about topics related to the past, present and futureof MongoDB as well as tutorials , manuals and other resources for developers, always oriented from a technical perspective to spread the approach and philosophy of MongoDB.

In MongoDSSpain you will find:

  • News about MongoDB products , services and the world around them
  • Tutorials and manuals for all levels
  • Tricks and tips on performance and management
  • Interviews
  • News about new releases , events …
  • … and more.

Also, we recommend to follow us on Twitter where we hang our posts and always keep you up to date with each new release .


César Trigo

Backend Development Director @ Gigigo Group

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