Back from holidays! Madrid MUG (Sept, 18)

Since a few weeks ago has been announced that on September 18 at 19:30h will take place the first Madrid MUG of the new season at the Madrid International Lab

This time we will have 3 exceptional speakers:

Unai Zorrilla will present a real case of implementation of MongoDB as a repository if information in various power generation plants, from initial considerations to the implementation details. The main objective is to present how a “newbies” adopted MongoDB and learned the technology to achieve their goals.

Unai is a regular contributor to the NET community and is actively involved in various events focusing on enterprise architecture solutions and data management.

Then we will have Oscar Mendez (CEO of Paradigma and Stratio) and Ricardo Crespo (Engineer at Stratio) that will review how to perform map-reduce operations in MongoDB and the possibilities of integrating MongoDB with Hadoop and Spark.

The event will be sponsored by StratioO’Railly Strata an Big Data Spain

See you there soon!



César Trigo

Backend Development Director @ Gigigo Group

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