MongoDB recognized as a leader by Gartner


For three consecutive years, MongoDB has been recognized by Gartner Operational Database Management Systems Magic Quadrant for its “ability to execute” and “completeness of vision.” The report evaluates 31 different vendors on 15 criteria. In this year report, MongoDB has been recognized for the first time as a leader, improving on the last year evaluation, when the Gartner’s analysts positioned it as the only challenger in the DBMS market.

Amongst the MongoDB strengths mentioned in the report, it points out its effort in covering new use cases and differentiating from the traditional vendors, moving beyond its NoSQL roots through the implementation of an ambicious roadmap. The company has fully renewed its executive team, with the appointments of Michael Gordon as Chief Financial Officer, Meagen Eisenberg as Chief Marketing Officer and Carlos Delatorre as Chief Revenue Officer. In addition, its partnership network has more than doubled in size, increasing the company’s global reach. Finally, the report highlights that reference customers assessed very positively MongoDB for professional services and ease of doing business.

On the negative side, Gartner points that, despite that the score given to MongoDB by the reference customers remains being very high, its scores in most customer experience categories were down from last year. Over one-third of the survey respondents that did not select MongoDB cited poor performance in pilots and proofs of concept as the reason, and there is a certain dissatisfaction between the company’s clients with renegotiated contract pricing.

MongoDB has matured positioning itself as a leader, directly competing with Relational Database Systems that have contended in this market for many years and placing it well ahead of the rest of NoSQL Databases. Adding key features to its product allowed it to expand the number of use cases for mission critical applications, with significant customer adoption. The company has successfully adapted, not only to the market’s current needs, but also of new trends, showing a strong long-term vision

Beatriz Alonso Lopez

MongoDB Consultant & Oracle DBA

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