The end of the beginning

Today it’s hard to say that finally and after a few years of dedication and effort on this site, will be closed by the end of this year.

The purpose of this site was and will always be to support the MongoDB community in an altruistic way, contributing with value and knowledge to all our users. We believe we have succeeded.

In this message we want to thank all who for years have placed their trust on us.

Likewise, I would like to say a big thank to Juan Roy, the soul and fundamental piece of this site, without him it would never have been possible achieve our goal. Thank you my friend. Juan will continue writing about MongoDB on his personal blog:

Also I want to highlight the important collaboration of Beatriz Alonso.

It has been a pleasure.
This is only the end of the beginning

Thank you all.

César Trigo

César Trigo

Backend Development Director @ Gigigo Group

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