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Hello everyone and welcome to MongoDB Spain .

MongoDB Spain was born as an initiative of a group of engineers passionate about the new range of possibilities and the new concept adopted by MongoDB. Founded by César Trigo and in collaboration with MongoDB team, this publication / community will talk about topics related to the past, present and future of MongoDB as well as tutorials, manuals and other resources for developers, always oriented from a technical perspective to spread the approach and philosophy of MongoDB. In MongoDB Spain you will find:

  • News about MongoDB products , services and the world around them
  • Tutorials and manuals for all levels
  • Tricks and tips on performance and management
  • Interviews
  • News about new releases , events …
  • … and more.

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Meet the team

César Trigo

César Trigo Esteban

MongoDB Master 2014, 2015 & 2016
Techonology Director at Gigigo Group & Founder and CEO of Applivery.com

César Trigo on Twitter Cesar Trigo on LinkedIn


Norberto Leite

Solutions Architect at MongoDB Inc.

César Trigo on Twitter Cesar Trigo on LinkedIn

Juan Roy

Juan Antonio Roy Couto

MongoDB Master 2016, MongoDB DBA&DEV Certified, MongoDB Consultant

Personal Website: http://www.juanroy.es

César Trigo on Twitter Cesar Trigo on LinkedIn

Beatriz Alonso

Beatriz Alonso López

MongoDB Consultant & Oracle DBA

César Trigo on Twitter Cesar Trigo on LinkedIn